Aneek Intesar Ahmed

Managing Director

Managing Director's Message

Welcome to Bonanza Overseas, where we intend to fulfill all your human resource requirements. Having successfully been in the trade of human resource allocation in the Asia and Middle East region for the past twenty years, we promise you, our client two things:

Firstly the wealth of our experience which you will find in our perpetual need for professionalism.

Secondly, we will do what it takes every time to provide the right candidate for the right job at the right time.

Just as we are in the trade for providing invaluable human resources for your needs, we list our own people as our greatest assets. At Bonanza Overseas we guarantee ardent professionalism with an undying resolve in conducting all our activities with the highest standards of integrity and straightforwardness. Having successfully dispatched more than 80,000 satisfied human resource personnel over the past two decades, we believe in continual improvement. Our greatest driver is the satisfaction of both you the client as well as the personnel we dispatch. Flexibility and a finger on the pulse of current trends is a distinguishing hallmark for all that belong to the Bonanza Overseas family; the only thing we refuse to compromise on is quality, both in the processes we involve and the exacting standards, that you the client will demand.

Welcome to our vision, where we believe that your business, your project needs, our processes and our people all serve the same integral concept: Mutual progress for the benefit to society.

Welcome to Bonanza Overseas.